About Me

What I'm doing right now

I create mobile applications for Vitalcy, a startup in New York. I mainly use Flutter, but occasionally I am switched onto the React team to help with frontend webapp development. I also work for Flatiron school training the next generation of developers.

How I got into tech

My boss had just offered me a promotion to manage our office as our business expanded. I turned it down. There was something within me that I couldn't understand right then and there - I realized I wanted to build things that would innovate the world, so I started teaching myself Python. I loved it! So I decided to pursue software engineering as a career. I quit my job and studied at Flatiron School, learning Ruby on Rails and React.

How I developed my skills out of bootcamp

I started working professionally as a developer by doing freelance work for a local church. I designed and created a React/Ruby on Rails application that helped faciliated their meetings during COVID-19. From there, I made contributions to the backend of the Dwellingly Project. We created software with that connects property managers with the homeless population in Portland.

Tech Stacks

Languages - Javascript, Typescript, HTML/CSS, Dart, Ruby, Python, SQL

Frameworks - React, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Flask, Node/Express

Always Learning

Right now I'm spending my free time studying OOP Design Patterns. Good software architecture fascinates me because we can create technology that lasts for generations.

Next up is a journey into C#/.NET!

OOP Udemy Course

My Work

Soundside Mobile

A digital worship guide created for Soundside Church in Tacoma, WA

React, Ruby on Rails API

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Drive Through Living Nativity App

An audio player supporting Soundside Church's 2020 Living Nativity

Bulma Design Framework

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A chatroom application designed to encourage social engagement

React, Ruby on Rails API

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School Central

An education platform based on Canvas

Ruby on Rails MVC